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Regina Berens

Council Member

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, Belton (Central Deanery)

Elected to Diocesan Council in 2023. 3rd two-year term.

Involvement on a Church Level:

  • Vestry Warden (Present)
  • Licensed Lay Preacher (Present)
  • In charge of maintaining church web site and monthly newsletter, (Present)
  • Previously Convention Delegate

Involvement on a Deanery Council/Diocesan Level:

  • Diocesan Council Member (Present)

Involvement on a Provincial/General Church Level:

  • None

Additional Comments

“I was received into the Episcopal church 30 years ago and have been almost constantly involved at the church and diocesan levels since then. In addition to being a Licensed Lay Preacher I have also completed EFM (Education for Ministry). I’m a retired property-casualty actuary so I bring quantitative as well as spiritual thinking to the table. The previous 2+ years I’ve served on Diocesan Council have been interesting and fulfilling and I hope to serve again during this time of transition to a new Bishop.”

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