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Annual Convention

The annual business meeting of The Diocese of West Missouri, held every year in early November
Established in 1890, the Annual Diocesan Convention is the annual business meeting of The Diocese of West Missouri and acts as the primary legislative body of the diocese. It’s a time when clergy and laypeople from all over the diocese come together to vote on an annual budget — called the ‘Plan for Ministry’, to elect officers, and to hear reports of work from diocesan programs. But more importantly, we join together, worship together, learn together, and discern together — reflecting on becoming a better people of God.

Taking Part in the Annual Convention

Convention is held in Founders’ Hall at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral. If you plan on participating at the next Convention, you will need to bring a portable device capable of connecting the internet (smart phone, iPad, tablet or laptop). We will have charging stations in both the nave and Founders’ Hall for those who need it.

There is also a team of staffers who will be available to assist you in case you encounter any difficulties.

Only beverages with a lid are allowed into the nave. If you’re bringing a cup from home, beverage dispensers and a water fountain will be available in Founders’ Hall.

Voter Information

Voter IDs will be issued to all registered delegates. Altnates will be given the necessary credentials should they become a delegate.

Voting at Annual Convention is easy to do!

  • In a browser go to the voting website:
  • Type in your Voter ID
  • Type in the email address you registered for convention with.
  • Select this year’s Annual Convention.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Select your answer(s) and click on Submit at the bottom of the ballot to cast your vote.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Once you have logged in to the system using your Voter-ID and email address, you won’t need to login again unless you close your browser.
  • During Convention, the votes will be displayed on the voting system page as they become available for you to vote on them.
  • The voting software will not accept votes after voting on that item is declared closed.
  • Once the vote is closed, the collected votes will be validated and counted.
  • Duplicate and incorrect Voter IDs will be treated as spoiled votes and not counted.

Ministry Fair

Each year, the diocese will host a Ministry Fair during Convention. Delegates are free to browse each table and learn more about the different ministries happening across West Missouri. Head to the Convention page to see which ministries are participating at this year’s Annual Convention.

Guest Information

For those who will not be joining as a delegate or alternate are free to register as a guest! Guests will have their own seating section at Annual Convention, but will not be allowed to vote.

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