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The Diocese of West Missouri has an abundance of forms and guides that clergy across the diocese can use. Access the resources you need, including canons and policies, to aid you in the work of ministry.

Continuing Education:

The “3 for $350” Continuing Education Program in The Diocese of West Missouri is available to eligible clergy and lay professionals on an annual basis. Per annual, the diocese will contribute no more than $350. You may apply for only one continuing education program per year, and no funds carry over if the application is for less than $350. The congregation, the diocese, and the participant participate equally in the annual cost. If the expenses are more than $1050, the maximum amount the diocese will contribute is $350. When your continuing education program is completed, you must submit your evaluation. Future applications will not be considered until all previous evaluation forms are on file with the Continuing Education Program. Diocesan matching fund may not be used for the annual Diocesan “in house” fall or spring clergy continuing education events.

Hiring & Staffing:

Liurgical Policies:

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