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Access for All God's Children

Advocating for the “differently abled” among us


Access for all God’s Children is a team of laypersons and clergy of The Diocese of West Missouri living with disabilities. Our mission is to assist the local church in building awareness and dignified regard for the “differently abled” among us. We do this by building a network of mutual concern and friendship, educating our diocesan community about access, arranging for social, spiritual, and informational gatherings, and praying and giving thanks continually.

Seen and unseen. All manner of human disability is present in our communities. For those living with disabilities, barriers to participation and inclusion are everywhere. We believe these obstacles can be identified and overcome through cooperation and creativity. We see each of us playing a role in making our congregations welcoming and accessible.

We offer this page as a resource for individuals, congregations, leaders, and clergy seeking ways to make worship, ministries, and gatherings as accessible as possible for all sorts and conditions of people. These are offered for your use as you look to address challenges facing your communities.

We have found as we examine our own situations that we are not alone. Others have labored ahead of us. The resources provided here come from numerous places. Much has already been done and is being done globally, nationally, and locally to address matters of accessibility. We are grateful for the breadth and abundance of this work.



Resources for addressing accessibility are abundant. Here are some examples that you can use to learn about disabilities and be more accessible-friendly.

Books & Studies

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Words of Wisdom

The body of Christ must decide whether it truly values life enough to change its exclusionary ways and embrace disabled people like me.

Amy KennyAuthor of "My Body is Not a Prayer Request"

When we talk about making access for the disabled, we typically think of things like hand rails, access ramps, widened doorways and entrances, and elevators. Accessibility is more than physical. It is an expansive ethos of social, spiritual, and societal inclusion.

The Very Rev. Canon Peter DeVeauAccess for All God's Children Convener

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We Will With God's Help

Our mission on behalf of disabled persons in our communities is rooted in Jesus’ radical inclusion of all people. We hope to live daily what is asked of us at every baptism:

Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself? Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?

With the church we respond, “I will, with God’s help.”

This is what empowers us for Access for All God’s Children. May it guide and strengthen you!


Rev Peter DeVeau

The Very Rev. Canon Peter DeVeau


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Gin Miller



  • David Britt
  • Minda Cox
  • Margie Gray
  • The Rev. Meg Rhodes
  • The Rev. Brittany Sparrow Savage
  • The Rev. David Wilcox
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