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International Outreach Grant Program

Striving to help the world


The Diocese of West Missouri maintains a strong conviction to support international outreach, specifically as defined by the Millennium Development Goals established by the Episcopal Church at its national convention in 2000. The intent is to reduce the number of people around our world who live in extreme poverty. When initially established, eight goals were developed by the international community, including leaders from 191 countries. These goals were also endorsed by development institutions and religious bodies worldwide.

The goals are:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achieve universal primary education
  • Promote gender equality and empower women
  • Reduce child mortality
  • Improve maternal health
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Develop a global partnership for development

The Diocese of West Missouri makes annual matching grants (up to $1,000 per applicant-church institution) to Episcopal churches that make donations to foreign causes that support one or more of these goals.

How are funds dispersed?

Funds have been dispersed in two ways.

  • Churches in our diocese complete the International Outreach Grant Form along with a one page explanation of the overseas organizations and how they will benefit. Grants are reviewed by the IOG Committee for approval. Once approved, funds are sent directly to the selected organization.
  • Budgeted funds remaining unallocated at the end of the calendar year may be donated to organizations recommended by the IOG Committee. Over the last nine years, funds have been given to diverse ministries around the world in the name of our diocese.

Who receives the funds?

The list is long and diverse; focusing on hospitals, clinics, orphanages, schools, and ERD. To date, geographical locations include Guatemala, Haiti, Botswana, and Jordan. For some of our churches this began an overseas ministry. For others it’s a method to expand donations. Every church has received their requested amount.

Is there an approved list of organizations?

No! The goal of the grant is for local churches to decide what organization should benefit from by their outreach. This gives each church the opportunity to explore an overseas ministry in the direction of God’s call. It’s hoped that this will begin a long-term relationship for all involved. Begin praying about and exploring a ministry that excites the Church.

What are the qualifications?

Complete the grant application form and include a one page written attachment listing all the benefits of the donation. This page is your opportunity to share information about the selected organization and those who will benefit. Grants are awarded in any amount up to $1,000 to churches who match at least the dollar amount requested. Funds must be used for overseas ministry only, since that is the purpose of the International Outreach Grant Initiative. If your church is presently donating to a qualified organization, these funds can complement current donations. If a church is not currently donating overseas, other offerings may qualify.

West Missouri’s practice has been for our churches to donate any undesignated offerings received on Good Friday to the Holy Land (i.e. either the Diocese of Jerusalem (preferably through the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem) or to the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East (the Anglican province of which Jerusalem is a part). So, if your congregation or parish collects, say, $350 on Good Friday, that same amount can be matched by applying to the IOG Committee for a matching funds grant. In the end, after the matching funds grant is approved and the funds remitted, the Holy Land gets (in this example) $700. Note: the matching funds will always go to the same place as the donations from your church. The preceding example was just that, only an example. You may, of course, choose any overseas charity to which you are donating and apply for your donations to be matched by a IOG grant. Be creative; initiate a project that will generate local interest.

When is the form due?

The grant application must be completed by Saturday, December 6, 2024.

How do I complete the form?

You can fill out our form by clicking the ‘Grant Form’ button. Once you’ve downloaded and filled out the form, you can send the application by email, in person, or by mail to the address at the bottom of the form. If you have any questions, please contact Archdeacon Bruce Bower at or call (913) 961-2150.

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