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Communications Committee

Supporting the Diocese in spreading their message through marketing and outreach


The Communications Committee’s goal is to make group decisions on content, branding, and other marketing materials that are needed across the Diocese. Through these decisions, the Communications Director can then better support the diocese by providing the necessary resources, guidance, and assistance to congregations, staff, and volunteers that are in charge of communications.

Along with content and branding decisions, the Communication Committee meets every month to discuss new and better ways that the diocese can communicate events and news to the western half of Missouri.

Gary Allman preparing for ordination


Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips



  • Walker Adams
  • The Rev. Sidney Breese
  • The Very Rev. Tim Coppinger
  • Emily Davenport
  • The Very Rev. Chandler Jackson
  • The Very Rev. Canon Robin James
  • Richard Liantonio
  • The Rev. Isaac Petty
  • Melissa Scheffler
  • The Rev. David Wilcox
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