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When: June 26, 2023, at 2 p.m.
Where: Online
For: Clergy, bishop’s wardens, and other church leaders.

Suicide. It’s an occurrence that is all too common and nearly unparalleled in its capacity to devastate families, communities and congregations. While suicide is often linked to depression, it is more accurately described as the worst possible outcome of a complex combination of things. This often includes mental health challenges but also includes isolation and despair. Given the Surgeon General’s recent announcement that named loneliness as a public health crisis, this should get our attention. As leaders in your congregation, Episcopal Parish Network is honored to work with our partner Soul Shop to offer an overview of the societal situation, the risk factor, and how you can address this in your community.

During this workshop, the Soul Shop team will discuss the dimensions of suicide including:

  • How prevalent it is in the general public and in your congregation;
  • Some of the often undetected indicators of suicide risk and some of the complex variables that lead to suicide; and
  • How parishes can begin to think about building out their infrastructure of support to minister to all those impacted by suicide, including loss survivors and people with previous lived experience of suicidal thinking.

Panelists include:

  • Michelle Snyder – Co-Director, Soul Shop; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Christopher Epperson – Co-Director, Soul Shop; Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Matt Holcombe – Priest, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church; Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Marna Franson – Missioner, Diocese of Northern Michigan and Trainer, Soul Shop; Marquette, Michigan

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