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Juneteenth Group Photo

On June 10th, The Diocese of West Missouri hosted a Kansas City Bus Tour that visited historic black landmarks in honor of Juneteenth. The trip was filled with rich history of black Americans that lived in Kansas City and the Midwest.

The morning started when the group met at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral. Our first stop was visiting the Black Archives of Mid-America, where we learned about the history of black Americans in the central Midwest.

Afterwards, the group stopped at the Fairview Cemetery, the final resting place for hundreds of African Americans, followed by the Garrison School; a school for African American students in the area.

The trip ended with a visit to Levi Harrington Memorial; the site of the lynching of Levi Harrington, and a prayer.

Thank you to everyone who helped plan the bus tour this year, and we hope to invite you all to another event to learn more about African American history.

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