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Are you looking for a new simple way to learn and grow? ChurchNext might be for you … because they’re out to change lives. ChurchNext is passionate about helping you learn and want to help you go deeper because they believe in –

  • Learning from great teachers, and working really hard to find the best instructors to present inspiring ideas and concepts from a mainline perspective can help us become better informed about our faith. Gifted theologians like David Lose and Brian McLaren give us deep insights into relevant topics and combined with quizzes, discussion questions, and downloads, we believe that hearing the lectures and reading the materials makes us better informed and more mature in our faith.
  • Learning actively and socially by getting into discussions with other students – online and in person; sharing ideas, debating points, and offering insights. Classes are laced with interactive components – and that’s why half of their courses are specifically designed to be used in group settings. They provide downloadable discussion questions and synopses at the end of each course. ChurchNext isn’t just a technology platform, it’s a learning ecosystem brought to life by your engagement.
  • God is in this. The studies undertaken often have a transforming effect. ChurchNext believes the very act of drawing nearer to God brings God nearer to us.

You can literally explore hundreds of online courses that can invigorate your life — and your congregation’s. ChurchNext offers affordable monthly subscription plans for individuals and congregations, as well as a la carte courses.
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Explore all ChurchNext has to offer, it might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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