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Chari Mynatt Cropped

On January 18, The Diocese of West Missouri recognizes and celebrates the 35th anniversary of the ordination of the Rev. Chari Mynatt to the Sacred Order of Deacons.

As a longtime, and involved, member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Independence, Chari was urged by clergy leadership to pursue ordination to the diaconate. Following her ordination in 1989, she served as Trinity’s Deacon and became involved as diocesan representative for Hispanic Ministries. In 1991 the Bishop of West Missouri moved Rev. Chari to Lee’s Summit where she assisted in establishing St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. To this day, she continues to worship at St. Anne’, where you will find her still proclaiming the Gospel at Sunday services.

During her long ministry, the Rev. Chari also was also involved as Secretary and Communications Director for our diocese’s School for Ministry, which passed many nominees and candidates for Holy Orders.

We give thanks to the Rev. Deacon Chari Mynatt and her 35 years of ordained ministry. She has been a trailblazer and example to many in our diocese’s Community of Deacons.

Article written by the Ven. Bruce Bower, Archdeacon of The Diocese of West Missouri.

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