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The Diocese of West Missouri is pleased to announce that St. James of Springfield has appointed the Rev. Silas Engstrom as Curate of St. James Parish!

The Rev. Deacon Silas Engstrom, who is often called Si by friends and family, is a long-time resident of the Ozarks area. He spent his childhood in Victoria Australia but has, since the age of 12, lived in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri for most of his life.

Having a B.A. from College of the Ozarks, Si will receive his master’s in divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary as of May 9th, 2024. Having served as a transitional deacon at a parish in McLean Virginia, Si is overjoyed to be returning to the Diocese of West Missouri, which is a spiritual home for him and Corey, his husband of 14 years. Si loves dogs and has a beloved Lhasa-Apso named Chewie.

Accepting a call to serve as curate for St. James Church in Springfield, Si is eager to bring all that he has learned and experienced to the task of listening for God and discovering ways for the community to participate in the Missio Dei. He is looking forward to serving a wonderful community of mutual learning that will spread the gospel, work in love, and grow together in Christ. He is also excited about the opportunity of shared ministry in this special diocese.

Silas Engstrom

A curate is an assisting priest. Specifically, in The Episcopal Church, a curate is a newly ordained priest, ministering under the supervision of a rector in a program of mentorship (a curacy). As pastoral ministry is classically defined as “the cure of souls,” one may relate a curacy to the residency program a medical doctor undergoes following their studies. It is a time, in a supportive environment, for a new priest to begin their practice of priestly ministry.

“St. James has not had a curate for nearly fifty years,” writes the Rev. Isaac Petty Pierjok. “However, God is clearly at work among us, both as a parish and as a diocese, and we sense this opportunity to call a curate is divinely orchestrated. As a parish, we have grown and are continuing to grow, and we stand to benefit from another member of the clergy in our midst, expanding our capacity for pastoral care and offering another voice in our liturgical and formation programs. As we continue growing, we will realize this benefit greatly.”

The curacy program is designed to benefit both the curate and the parish, providing an encouraging and supportive environment for the curate to learn and grow in, and benefit St. James through their ministry.

God willing, Deacon Si will be ordained presbyter at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral on July 20th.

Profile submitted by the Rev. Silas Engstrom, and article produced by the Rev. Isaac Petty Pierjok, rector of St. James in Springfield.

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