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Friends, if you’re like me, you’re still reeling from the news of the shooting at Union Station in Kansas City. Many in Kansas City are processing the abrupt turn from a joyful celebration with friends and family, celebrating our team, to the horror of knowing that 21 people were injured and one killed. Over half the victims shot were children, and more were injured in the chaos. Unfortunately we know this isn’t a unique event in our state, with the school shooting at CVPA in St. Louis last year, to the shooting at Crown Center in Kansas City over the holidays, to the every day scourge of gun violence that has led Kansas City to have it’s highest homicide rate ever in 2023.
If your congregation is looking for resources and liturgies, I have attached here both the Wear Orange liturgy that includes parts that can be inserted into a normal service, and I’ve attached a full Liturgy in Response to a Mass Shooting. Orange is the color to remember victims of gun violence, and the Bishop and Clergy at the Cathedral at the vigil last night wore orange stoles over their Lenten stoles for that service. I have also attached a document from Everytown for Gun Safety about Trauma Informed Response and how to help others as they process all that has happened, with local links that I hope will be useful.

There is also action we can take, beyond prayers for the wounded and support for each other. The Missouri House has passed HB 1708, the bill that allows concealed carry in Places of Worship and on Public Transportation, out of Committee. It is up for debate on the floor of the House at any time. We join with The Diocese of Missouri in inviting you to click on this link and easily fill out this form that will go directly to your state representative letting them know you oppose this action. Please take this important action and help us stop this bill.

Let me know if you need more resources, and how I can be a resource to you.

Contact Tara Bennett, chair of the Peace and Justice Committee, at

Tara Bennett is chair of the Peace and Justice Committee. A member of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, she is also an active volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

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