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Are you hungry — and looking — for more? A deeper understanding of faith? A way to feel more engaged in what that can mean? Something that will open up new connections with God and all of creation? Summertime is the perfect time to explore new ways to make that happen.

  • Scripture takes on new connections as life goes on, constantly presenting new situations and ideas. Try a new version of scripture on for size and see how it fits. For instance, I’m excited to see if the First Nations Version: An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament helps me see things through a different lens.
  • Informal ‘education’ comes through our experiences. How will you engage with faith through service this summer, put ‘it into action,’ so to speak? Does the Episcopal Church Social Justice and Advocacy page or a nearby community service organization move you beyond the pew?
  • Life-long, life-wide, and life-deep learning can continue for all baptized persons of all ages. There are far too many resources than we have time to list, but Pathways for Baptismal Living is an excellent place to explore something that appeals to you. Simply picking up any biographical book from the library can raise questions: Where could I see God moving in my life? Where can you read (perhaps between the lines) to find the hope, faith, and love central to your Christian faith?
  • Use helpful guides to build prayer, meditation, and study into your day. And create a new daily discipline just by reading a blog that grabs your attention on Grow Christians, an online community of discipleship focused on the practical details of life at home. They’ve gathered reflections, stories, images, and recipes from diverse Episcopalians to inspire and celebrate the presence of God through the Christian year.

Stretch out this summer … in more than one direction. 

Kim Snodgrass is Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation.

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