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The diocesan staff have switched to a new digital telephone exchange and system. This has allowed us to provide both staff based in the Diocesan Center, and remote staff with direct numbers which will automatically connect to them wherever they are working.

These numbers are working now and can be used to contact the diocesan staff.

The new system comes with a host of bells and whistles, such as automated holiday and out-of-office hours call handling, voice mail to email transcription, and significant cost savings. It is going to take us a little time to explore and set up all its capabilities.

Our current switchboard number, (816) 471-6161, is in the process of being transferred to the new system. Until the move is complete calls to this number will continue to be routed to the Diocesan Center.

Once the number is transferred, if you do not know the direct number of a member of the diocesan staff, you’ll be able to call the main switchboard and dial ‘0’ for a recorded staff directory, and then dial the required extension number followed by the ‘#’ key. We have kept the extension numbers the same wherever practical.

Below is a list of the direct-dial numbers and the extension numbers of the diocesan staff.

Who Role Direct Line EXT
The Rt. Rev. Diane M. Jardine Bruce Bishop Provisional x 103
Gary Allman Communications (816) 226-4887 x 107
Emily Davenport Bishop’s Executive Assistant (816) 648-0584 x 103
Fr. Charles Everson Vocations Missioner (816) 648-0613 x 108
Elaine Gilligan Human Resources (816) 648-0734 x 105
Fr. Chas Marks Transitions Missioner (816) 648-0731 x 106
Fr. Jose Palma Hispanic Missioner (816) 648-0587 x 110
Kim Snodgrass Christian Formation (816) 648-0724 x 109
Rachael Orth Events Coordinator  (816) 683-9177 x 111
Deacon Donna Stanford Intake Officer (816) 361-9159 x 101
Ron Weil Finance (816) 648-0580 x 104

Update – April 19, 2022

There is no change to the main diocesan switchboard number (816) 471-6161

The transfer to the new digital switchboard is complete, and the temporary switchboard number referred to below has been taken out of service.

For the curious…

The new main switchboard is already up and running on a temporary number. However, we recommend that you note down the new direct numbers of those members of the diocesan staff who you work with.

The existing main exchange number will continue to work while the number transfer is in progress, but using the temporary number will give you direct access to all the diocesan staff members.

Our temporary main switchboard number is: (816) 683-7969

Gary Allman was the Communications Director with The Diocese of West Missouri from March 2014 through June 2023.

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