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Susan J Roberts Headshot

The Diocese of West Missouri is pleased to announce that the Rev. Susan J. Roberts has been elected as Vice President of Diocesan Council!

“I often say being Episcopalian is in my DNA. I am committed to the vows of my ordination and take part in the councils of the Church. I am invested in helping us to live out the two great commandments; to love God and love one another.”

In the nearly five years Susan has been in The Diocese of West Missouri, she has served as the Priest-in-Charge of the Chapel at Saint Luke’s Hospital and Director of Spiritual Wellness for the Saint Luke’s Health System. In this role, she has leadership oversight of the Clinical Pastoral Education program and Director, and all the Spiritual Wellness programs within the health system, as well as the managers of those programs. In relation to this role, she also serves on the Commission on Ministry as an Ex-Officio member. Susan is now in her second term on the Diocesan Council. She is also a member of the Bishop Search Committee, and a member of the Worship and Liturgy Commission.

“In my position as Vice President of Diocesan Council I am striving to support the continued ministry and business of the diocese, building on the collective desire to be a more united diocese, working together to reflect God’s love in the communities around us. In partnership with the Bishop and Standing Committee I want to help lead in inspiring our faith communities to be invested in and excited about the ministry we are doing and can be doing in West Missouri.”

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Susan J. Roberts is the Direcor of Spiritual Wellness at Saint Luke’s Health System. She also serves as the Vice President of Diocesan Council and is a member of the Worship and Liturgy Commission.

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